Bank Holiday Fun At Witley Court & Gardens

Ahh the joys of the great British bank holiday.  No work, no worries, and hopefully plenty of sunshine.  May is an especially great month due to having not one but two bank holidays!  As I didn’t have anything planned, J suggested we take advantage of our English Heritage membership and visit a property not too far from Birmingham.  We headed down to Worcestershire to the lovely Witley Court and Gardens.

This HUGE property has enough things to see and do to hold your attention all day.  We were given a site map and headed out to explore.  The first thing I see are these gorgeous rhododendrons lining the pathway.  These flowers are a sight to see and could be found all over the grounds.  I just love them.

rhododendron lined pathway

We crossed a little stream and passed by a peaceful lake.  Looked like a great spot for a picnic.


After winding through the woods we stumble upon the enormous ruins of Witley Court.  We picked up the free audio guide and began our tour.

front side of Witley Court ruinsI can only imagine what this house must have been like to visit back in the 1800s.  Pull up in your carriage to find a butler waiting to escort you into the massive entry hall.  The audio guide does a fine job of describing a few of the different rooms throughout the main level.  One of the stories mentioned a massive Christmas tree in the ballroom that was decorated with jewels that female guests could take home!  How’s that for a Christmas party!  The house was destroyed by a fire in 1937 and abandoned.  Thankfully it was rescued and preserved by English Heritage.  It would have been a shame to lose this beauty.

Witley Court back view


There are two gardens that are not to be missed.  Designed by William Andrews Nesfield in the 1850s, the East Parterre was created in a French style while the south mimics Italian style gardens.  The massive Perseus and Andromeda fountain on the south side fires water 100 feet into the air on the hour.  It is definitely worth sticking around to watch.  This massive stone fountain was based on a Greek myth in which Andromeda is chained up for being too beautiful.  Poseidon sends a giant sea monster to kill her, but she is saved just in time by Perseus on his horse Pegasus.  I’ve always found Greek mythology quite interesting!

view of East Parterre

leading view to Perseus and Andromeda fountain

Perseus and Andromeda fountain

There was also a spectacular church that looks plain on the outside but has a gorgeous baroque interior.  It’s not to be missed!!

Great Witley Church

mirror relection inside Great Witley Church

interior of Great Witley Church

There are 3 trails around the property.  One lesser known walk leads back to a unique styled boat house.  The other trails are well sign posted.

Rustic Boathouse

I loved our day out at Witley Court & Gardens.  It’s a great place to visit with families, couples, singletons…basically everyone!   For less than a tenner to enter, it makes a well affordable day out.  If you are a member to English Heritage you must take advantage of your membership and check this place out for yourself!  Pictures can’t do it justice.

fountain view of Witley Court

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