Bloom, Kings Heath Review

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Have you ever been really eager to try somewhere new, but find it’s always closed when you want to visit?? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately about Bloom in Kings Heath. With nothing but glowing reviews I needed to try this neighborhood cafe for myself!  Today was my lucky day as I made it to Bloom well before closing time.

What I didn’t realize is the kitchen shuts a few hours prior to the cafe, which leads to my first tip.

Bloom Tip 1: Arrive before 2:30 pm if you want to eat

I made it to Bloom with literally two minutes to spare to get my lunch order in. Feeling the pressure to be quick I asked the staff for suggestions. I went with their first choice, Toad in the Hole.  This is the first time I’ve ever come across this dish (remember I’m American) so I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.  I added an Earl Grey to my order and was off to find a table.

This was the point when I could really take in the scenery.  Bloom has a Scandinavian inspired look to it with its sleek minimal decor.  It’s loaded with wooden details and plenty of green plants.  It’s a clean relaxing space without trying; I could see why many customers brought their laptops along.

My earl grey appeared shortly after I sat down.  They brought me an hourglass to execute the perfect brew time.  I love little details like this.  Bloom only serves loose leaf tea so the tea connoisseurs will surely love it.  Ten minutes later my lunch masterpiece arrived.

Toad in the hole, how I love you.  How have I never experienced you, you wondrous Yorkshire pudding dream.  It’s pretty obvious that I loved the Toad.  This wasn’t your average pub grub either.  This toad in the hole was loaded with red cabbage, ale rosemary gravy, pine nut cream and finally topped with crispy onions. And can’t forget my favourite part, the giant Yorkshire pud!  The outsides were golden and crispy, and the bottom soaked up the lovely gravy.  The pine nut cream was an unusual topping that worked oh so well with the sausage and onions.  This dish was the perfect antidote for the cold and dreary day outside.  This brings me to my next tip.

Bloom Tip 2: Ask the staff for recommendations and trust their suggestions.

At this point I was well stuffed but couldn’t resist a peak at the cake.  I was told all cakes were made in house, and they each sounded lovely.  None of it was your average chain cafe standard millionaire shortbread.  How about a black forest brownie or iced banana bread?  I think there was even a cupcake infused with rum.  I definitely missed out skipping out on cake.

Bloom Tip 3: Order cake!

Because I wasn’t going to leave without some form of dessert, I ordered a hot chocolate.  It was the best tasting hot chocolate I’ve had in Brum.  It didn’t need any cream or extra faff for it to taste good.  It was rich, milky, and not overbearingly sweet.  I’ll call it a hot chocolate for grownups.

I am so glad I was able to find time to visit Bloom.  It blew me away on every level; attentive and considerate staff, an innovative menu – and it’s affordable!  I can guarantee I will be back!

The Details:

Bloom – Kings Heath
32 Poplar Road
B14 7AD

Don’t have a car? Take the 50 bus from Birmingham into Kings Heath and get off at the stop in front of Loco Lounge.  It’s less than a 5 minute walk from this stop!

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